Village at the End of the World – eller om nutidige overlevelsesstrategier i Grønlandsk bygdesamfund

Screen shot 2013-11-13 at 1.19.26 AM

Film om Niaqornat i Grønland – eller om kollektiv overtagelse af den lokale fiskefabrik

(Al Jazeera – klik billedet)

– Niaqornat, a remote Inuit village on the Greenland coast has 59 inhabitants, but the fish factory, the main source of employment, was forced to close.

The ice is melting due to climate change and the government no longer wants to subsidise the ship which brings food supplies. Young people are leaving to seek work so the village is at risk of being abandoned.

Teenager Lars surfs the internet and can not wait to escape, but most do not want to leave their homes and way of life. It is a film about a tiny community pulling together to save their village despite the odds being stacked against them.


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